History & Aims

Community Focus (CF) is a not for profit International NGO based in the Youth & Community sector. CF was set up in order to work with grassroots communities, facilitate empowerment, provide a platform for community members to be heard and move towards social change. CF members have a long track record working with economically and socially deprived communities. CF members have previously been actively involved in the Youth & Community sector for over a decade campaigning for youth facilities, provisions, helping marginalised groups and promoting community cohesion across international boundaries.

Community Focus promotes tolerance and respect within diverse communities. One of our aims is to bring communities together to decide the common issues affecting their community. We operate in the UK and undertake activities. We also have a regional, national and international focus. We have been involved in projects overseas such as participating in adult education projects in places such as Istanbul in Europe.

CF is committed to helping facilitate social change and community empowerment through actively engaging and listening to community members at a grassroots level. We are happy to work with other social enterprises, community groups, agencies, institutions to create positive stepping stones for progression for the poorest sectors of society. We have specialist skills working with BME communities and we are culturally aware and tailor our services to meet the needs of marginalised communities.

We encourage interested parties, like minded practitioners, anthropologists, philanthropists, practitioners and community members to visit us and discuss how we can work together to create avenues of social change and progression for community members.