Halal Incorp

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Community Focus International is now part of the Halal Incorp family. Halal Incorp is an entity created to help entrepreneurs, businesses, companies, tech start-ups, organisations, social enterprises, governmental departments amongst others to engage with the Halal market. Our work is centred on providing advice, consultancy, advocacy and facilitating development opportunities. We aim to help diverse entities from a range of backgrounds enter and deliver services or sell products to the Halal Market. The Halal market is estimated to reach $3.7 trillion dollars in revenue by 2019. The potential for start ups and businesses to create successful Halal orientated brands, products and services is colossal. We also help provide a service to customers on how to consider ethical and social factors when undertaking business in the Halal sector. We also stipulate and advise on sensibilities and sensitive issues within the market. We help tailor plans and strategies to help you enter the Halal market creating a foothold and potentially obtain a large share of the revenues available. We also donate a small proportion of our profits to help poor rural communities amongst others, as we believe in social business. The Halal sector is one of the fastest growing possibilities in contemporary business markets. There are huge untapped potential markets waiting to be discovered. Invite us to join you on this journey with your company and we will help you reach a mass market full of possibilities. We work with international companies and advocate travelling, blogging and discovering new environments and contextualised Halal business markets all over the globe.

For Further Information Visit: www.halalincorp.co.uk