CFL Training & Services

Community Focus Ltd (CFL) is a not for profit social enterprise in the Youth & Community sector. We aim to promote community cohesion, cultural tolerance and respect. Our objective is to help facilitate empowerment for local community members in order to create social change. We offer a variety of services and have expertise in a variety of areas. We undertake workshops and services in a number of fields such as:

  • ·         Social Enterprise & Business Awareness
  • ·         Engaging Diverse Communities
  •           Translation Services
  • ·         Combating Inequalities
  • ·         Community Ambassadors
  • ·         Young Ambassadors
  • ·         Peer Mentoring
  • ·         After School Clubs
  • ·         Community Psychology
  • ·         Street Listenings
  • ·         Dialogue with British Muslims
  • ·         Advice & Guidance
  • ·         Language Literacy for New Arrivals
  • ·         Aspiration & Motivation Building
  • ·         Science, History & Heritage
  • ·         British History
  • ·         Ancient History


We are also able to undertake and carry out research on a variety of subjects. We undertake literature reviews and in depth background reading relating to specific subject matters. We are aware of research methodologies and can carry out research using qualitative and quantitative methods. Our strengths are in ethnographic research and thematic analysis. CFL is able to strongly evaluate and conclude on research and suggest improvements for policy enhancement.

We are able to reach communities which are marginalised and on the fringe. We have vast experience in engaging communities from socially and economically deprived backgrounds. We have previously undertaken community audits relating to a minority community and poverty. CFL can undertake questionnaires and surveys on a large scale interacting with community members. We are also experienced in conducting structured and unstructured interviews as well as focus groups. We are able to work with primary and secondary data with ease. 



CFL are able to provide consultation on a variety of areas such as engaging British Muslims and Youth Empowerment. We have a long standing relationship in grassroots communities and can advise organisations, institutions, 3rd sector companies and statutory organisations on how to create effective dialogue and engagement in hard to reach communities. We are on the frontline and work with grassroots communities. Our work is often undertaken on the streets, in cafes, community centres, homes amongst other places. We go directly to the community and listen to their needs. This allows us access to groups and community members that most agencies cannot reach due to gatekeepers and barriers. Therefore we are aware of contemporary issues affecting communities and can provide a high quality consultation service in order to help other organisation work effectively with local partners to meet the needs of their communities. 

Tools & Resources

We also offer tools and resource packs which organisations can use to increase and enhance their knowledge in regards to dealing with issues in local communities. We offer training workshops which will help organisations work with diverse communities and may increase the quality of service delivery. Our resource packs are designed to be informative and provide a variety of ideas which will help develop strategical thinking in order to better meet the needs of communities.

Project Management & Commissioning

Community Focus offers its project management services to any organisation that may require it. We are able to develop and undertake projects in local communities to help make a positive difference on the ground. We can manage projects on behalf of our clients and also deliver them to a high standard. We can also be commissioned to deliver projects on behalf of interested parties.