CF Volunteer Visits Historic Throtchi Castle in Azad Kashmir


Over the last month a CF volunteer had the opportunity to visit Azad Kashmir particularly the Kotli region. This is one of the most beautiful places in the region. Amongst the many cultural and nature inspired sites is a castle which is little known in wider society. The Throtchi castle still partly stands after 556 years since its creation.

The Throtchi castle is located close to the town of Gulpur. The castle was built in 1460 AD. It is located southwest of Kotli City at the junction of the Kotli-Mirpur and Kotli-Rawalpindi road.


It was here in 1947, that a contingent of local men headed by Col. Mahmood defeated and chased out the Dogra army. The Dogra soldier were besieged at the Throtchi Castle and the battle was a famous win for the local population. The wider history of the castle is still relatively shrouded in mystery and there is still research being carried out to understand more about its creation and early occupants and rulers.

History and culture play a large part of human identity and development. CF maintain a strong objective to promote history, heritage and knowledge and help share this amongst wider networks.



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