International Humanitarian Project in Karachi

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Community Focus volunteers in partnership with Halal Incorp helped raise funds and gathered donations to support an international development charitable project. The project was realised and undertaken in Karachi in the Sindh region of Pakistan. This project aimed to support and assist the most vulnerable, socially and economically deprived members of society in the Sub Continent. The project involved providing food for over fifty people. We supported women, children and elders, providing over thirty water bottles in a drought hit area. We also helped one family by providing funds to purchase life saving injections. Although this was a micro charity project it was still imperative to provide any support where possible. We are indebted to our volunteers who have always worked tirelessly to help other people in society locally, nationally and internationally who are in need of help and assistance. The most remarkable aspect is many of these volunteers themselves come from poor and deprived backgrounds. This international charity project helped people realise the importance of supporting those less fortunate and created solidarity across international boundaries. Community Focus is a micro voluntary organisation with small scale resources often donated by members and volunteers who provide large scale impact assisting societal development and community development. We remain committed to creating, planning and executing unique and visionary projects to assist humanitarian causes.


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