Floods Wreck Havoc in Lancashire, UK During Festive Season

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On Boxing Day, December 2015 a colossal level of floods wrecked havoc in Lancashire and parts of Greater Manchester. This difficult occasion however did bring people from different communities and backgrounds together. Many local people youth centres, volunteers, charities, mosques and churches played there part to help those affected by major floods. Heavy unprecedented rains hit these areas and rivers swelled to levels not seen in many years. River banks burst and flood houses, allotments, streets, cellars and residential as well as business properties. A small team of volunteers from Community Focus joined other volunteers and charities such as Al Khair and SKT to help with emergency flood relief, food distribution and the cleanup operation. The Youth base served as a HQ where local people delivered voluntary donation of equipment and food. Charities played an integral part in supplying generators, food and emergency flood packs. This tragic occurrence did allow the opportunity for community members to come together and support their local community. People from different backgrounds, religions cultures and races supported each other. Syrian refugees were on hand to support residents in Littleborough also. Mohammed Nadeem CF Chairperson said “I have never seen floods like this in my entire lifetime. It was a serious major incident where many homes and property was devastated by heavy rains and floods. We came out to help as many people as possible over several days. It was also great to see people helping each other in a time of crisis”


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