Remembering Srebrenica Delegate Study Visit

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A CF volunteer had the opportunity to participate in a study visit to Bosnia and Herzegovina in early December, 2015. The project was organised by a Birmingham based charity called Remembering Srebrenica. There were approximately nineteen individuals who attended this study visit. The purpose of this visit was to help spread and raise awareness of the genocide which took place in Bosnia during 1992/1995. Over 100,000 people were killed during this time. Around 8000 men and boys were killed in Srebrenica. Many of the refugees were unarmed and penned in at the UN Headquarters which was subsequently abandoned. The refugees were handed over to the Serb armed forces who separated men and women. Thousands of men and boys were executed and disposed of in mass graves. The delegates visited the tunnel museum where they watched a video and listened to a presentation. The tunnels were used to move food, medicine amongst other items during the siege of Sarajevo. The delegates then visited the International Commission on Missing persons HQ in Sarajevo.  The bus then left to take the delegation to the renowned Tariq Samarah’s gallery. The gallery houses the photographs and woks of Tariq a resident of Bosnia. His work was undertaken and collated post genocide. The delegates also visited the Podrinje identification Project in the form of a mortuary. There were a range of Skelton and skulls that had been found in mass graves. The project was set up to identify and reunite families with the remains of their loved ones through special testing methodologies.Participants visited the Potocari memorial centre and met Hasan Hasanović a genocide survivor and also had the emotional opportunity to meet some of the mothers of Srebrenica who lost their family members during the tragic and grotesque genocide. This project was unique in every manner and was extremely important in helping highlight what actually occurred in Bosnia during the early 1990’s. Genocide and mass murder are components of destruction and great pain. CF as an organisation maintain the need for peaceful dialogue between different groups and have a zero tolerance stance towards violence. The opportunity to participate in this project allowed individuals to delve into peace and reconciliation as well as increasing knowledge around a traumatic and terrible period in history.


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