Exploring Manchester’s Past; Roman Manchester Fort


CF volunteers had an opportunity to visit a Roman historical site in the North West of England. The site itself is a replica of a Roman Fort which is understood to have once stood at the same spot. The city name of Manchester itself is taken from Roman roots. There was a garrison that was once housed in the Roman Fort which stood in the city centre, now known as the Deansgate area. Manchester itself is a well known and popular city in the UK and is more often associated with the birthplace of the Industrial Revolution. Manchester city has many Victorian buildings, bridges and infrastructure present till this very day. The iconic Victorian era railway station in Manchester city centre known as Victoria Station has just fully reopened after a £44 million overhaul spanning a period of five years. Britain was invaded by the Romans over two thousand years ago. The invasion was led by the famous General and soldier called Julius Ceaser who was later assassinated in a plot after declaring himself Emperor of Rome. The Romans controlled the island nation of Britannia for four centuries before abandoning it to its fate. The site itself where the Manchester Roman Fort once stood is recognised as a multitude of forts which spanned the width and breadth of the UK. This made it easier for Roman soldiers to move from area to area and control local Celtic tribes. CF volunteers were able to research the impact Rome had on the local area from infrastructure to culture. This project was important in helping map local history and understanding the movement of people across geographical locations.


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