CF Refugee Charity Assistance Project

Over the last few weeks there has been a major focus on the refugee crisis across all media channels and journalists. There have been countless stories and articles written about refugees often misrepresented as economic migrants. Many of these stories have been negative and had a profound effect on people’s opinions of refugees across Europe. However the death of a child named Aylan Kurdi shocked thousands of people across the Globe as his lifeless body washed ashore on Turkish soil. Many people decided it was time to act to provide as much assistance as possible to help refugees. There were a number of convoys, volunteers, charities, community groups and individuals who drove all over Europe to provide charitable assistance in places such as Austria, UK, Calais and Serbia. CF volunteers also assisted in purchasing items such as clothes, food, toiletries, tents amongst other essentials. These items were passed to local charity convoys and distributed in Calais to poverty stricken and destitute refugees who were in dire need of humanitarian assistance. CF have an underlying philosophy of caring for others and particularly those in poverty, hardship and need.


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