Archaeological Excavation in Salford, UK

A CF volunteer had the opportunity to participate in a community dig. The dig was a part of a number of archaeological projects the University of Salford had been coordinating over a period of five years. The archaeological excavations allowed community members who had little or no previous experience related to archaeology to have an opportunity to participate in local history. Volunteers were able to dig using trowels, various tools, draw plans and undertake measurement levelling amongst other exciting tasks. The final community dig project took place in Buile Hill Park located in Greater Manchester in the Salford area. The excavation was designed to further investigate the Hart Hill estate which dates back to the 18th and 19th century. There were several trenches dug and rooms such as the conservatory, billiard room, butler’s office, annex buildings, and stables were excavated. This was an amazing and unique project administered by the University and its funders and allowed community participation and empowerment which is imperative in creating prosperity and recognition of the past and how it is intertwined in our contemporary lives.


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