CF Volunteer Participates In Islamaphobia Project In Budapest: Hungary

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Earlier this year in May a CF volunteer attended a week long project in Budapest the Hungarian capital. The project revolved around exploring the subject of Islamaphobia and how it was affecting community members across Europe. The project was organised by FEYMSO an international NGO based in Belgium. The project was hosted at the European Youth Centre in Budapest. There were over twenty participants who travelled from all over Europe to participate actively in this activity. There were participants from countries such as Poland, UK, Belgium, Turkey, Sweden and far as field as Canada. The main discussion and activities revolved around delving into the issue of Islamaphobia. There were a number of workshops undertaken and sessions led by external academics, specialists and media representatives. There were active sessions where group members were able to discuss relative aspects, occurrences, examples and possible solutions related to Islamaphobia. The project was useful in creating networking opportunities and a chance for peer learning. Participants left the activity renewing their commitment to tackle, highlight and challenge the issue of Islamaphobia.


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