TAYC 2014 Youth Congress- Turkey: Istanbul

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The TAYC conference was held in Istanbul at the end of October, 2014 and was a well organised meeting of young intellectual minds from across the globe. A CF volunteer had the opportunity to participate in this congress. There was a diverse range of participants with a variety of perspectives and experiences. The opening conference had a long list of speakers who are locally and internationally renowned. Amongst these passionate speakers Professor Norman Finklestein from the USA took part as a keynote speaker. The economic entrepreneurship commissions were open to accepting a variety of opinions and views on economic sustainability and viability. Islamic and wider perspectives were shared amongst delegates in this commission. Our volunteer was an active contributor to the economics commission and was able to discuss the colossal benefits and values of Social Enterprise and economical development. The other commissions which were focussed around politics and humanitarian aspects were productive and helped progress ideas and debate. The overall Turk- Arab congress was an important tool in helping bring people from different backgrounds and cultures to share best practice and to make suggestions and highlight their opinions to a wider international audience. This project was well planned, delivered and executed and we commend the organisation team for their strenuous efforts and hard work in making this a reality.


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