Community Focus publishes new eBook on British Muslim’s

Community Focus published a new eBook now available on the Amazon platform. The groundbreaking eBook is a short scoping digital piece on British Muslim youth and the types of challenges they face in contemporary society. Read the abstract below:
“UK Muslim prison populations have nearly doubled in a decade and now constitute a high portion of prisoners particularly youth offenders with estimations of nearly a quarter in places such as London and high percentages elsewhere in the country’s main prisons. This could be due to a range of factors such as higher offending rates, discrimination in the criminal justice system, longer prison sentences etc. This worrying trend prompted the writing of this eBook to try and delve into some of the issues which affect young Muslims in particular and discuss why they are part of the isolated or even to some extent oppressed communities in British society.”
This is an important achievement as it explores the challenges of growing issues amongst British Muslim youth identity, positioning within society, factors that affect life chances and crime. These issues are often ignored amongst institutions, organisations and there are very few organisations which are actively trying to tackle these issues. The content aims to open an initial discussion and exploration of discovering what some of these challenges may be. The eBook is available now on the link below:


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