CFL Appoints Middle East Affairs Director

photo(2)CFL have appointed Abdelrahman Marar as Voluntary MidEast Affairs Director. Abed is a young student who resides in Jordan which is in the heart land of the Middle East region. CFL members have been working tirelessly over the last few years developing community engagement models and best practice. The work has incorporated Community Development, Community Psychology, Community Organising amongst other strategies and engagement tools. This work ultimately led to the creation of a SIM (Street Interaction Model) methodology to help empower communities and create a platform for voice. CFL have worked with marginalised and fringe communities in the north of the UK in particular. CFL volunteers have also had the opportunity to participate in national workshops, seminars and international study visits.

CFL have aimed to transfer the skills volunteers and specialists have developed and take them to other regions in the world to help make a difference to people’s lives in the most challenging environments. We have developed a solid network and work stream in the Middle East amongst other parts of the globe. CFL members believe that there is colossal opportunity to undertake international development work through Euro: Arab cooperation and sharing of best practice. Abed will help lead a strategy of Youth and Community development in the Arab regions. Abed said “I am really pleased to be working with an international NGO based in the UK. CFL have been undertaking groundbreaking work with almost no resources relying on voluntary human contribution. Volunteering is an important aspect in many societies and I believe that I can help engage young people in particular in the Middle East to help develop aspirations and create social change for prosperity. I hope to develop and build a movement for transformative social change in my region. ”

CFL are always on the lookout for external support if you feel you can contribute to our work please email us:


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