International Development: Kashmir Charity Project

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As part of our international development work a CFL board member had the opportunity to visit Azad Kashmir in the Indian Sub Continent. This area has high levels of poverty, is socially and economically deprived. Many community members have minimal resources and live lives of hardship. As part of our ‘Helping Hand’ international project we were able to send basic educational resources for children living in poverty. Mohammed Nadeem said “it was great to be able to visit this part of the world, it is unrivalled in beauty and scenery. Unfortunately there are many people and especially children living in poverty and have very basic or no resources and opportunities. We wanted to enhance our international development work and decided to support children in this region in order to inspire and help make a difference. We are one of the few organisations back home who are actually making real social impact across geographical boundaries and at home. However there is a lot more work required and we reach out to other like minded individuals, groups and organisations to join us in this journey of social impact and social transformation through incremental steps.” CFL are committed to assisting marginalised and deprived groups of communities wherever the need arises.


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