Euro: Mediterranean Youth Meeting in Barcelona


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A CFL Volunteer had the opportunity to participate in a Euro: Med youth meeting in Barcelona, Spain. This was the third meeting our organisation has been involved in working with colleagues across these regions. The meeting lasted for a week and had an overall focus on Social entrepreneurship and exchanging good practices. This was an amazing project which allowed participants to share best practice, challenges and opportunities in the sector based on their experiences in their localities. The General Director for Catalunya Youth spoke about the importance of this meeting. The meeting started with an inaugural opening conference and presentations by experts in the field. The participants had opportunities to take part in workshops, an NGO Bazaar which allowed entrepreneurs to network and expand contacts. There were several workshops organised by the facilitators. Some of these workshops spoke about business models, financial concepts and leadership. In addition to this amazing programme there were several excursion activities to visit Co-Operatives in the area. There was one visit to an organisation called La Fageda. This organisation worked with and directly employed ‘people with different abilities’ who were disadvantaged in society. The organisation produced yoghurt and sold this directly to local markets. This organisation was based in pleasant countryside surroundings which helped boost the wellbeing of staff. There was also a visit to an active volcano site and museum. Participants also visited the Caixa forum in Barcelona where there was an exhibition relating to ancient Greek history. This was an important project which helped individuals from different countries, continents and regions understand the concept and development of Social Enterprise as an alternative means of business.


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