CFL 2nd Anniversary & Groundbreaking eBook Publication

2nd anniversary mealCFL members celebrated the release of their first eBook on the platform of Amazon Kindle book store.  The eBook was entitled ‘Street Interaction Model: A Guide to Engaging British Muslims’. This was the first digital book the group has produced. The content revolves around several theories and then goes on to suggest a wellbeing model and a Street Interaction Model (SIM). This is one of the few published materials that actually deals with the engagement of British Muslim youth a fringe marginalised issue.

This month also marked the second anniversary of the establishment of the Youth & Community organisation and gave us a double reason to be in the celebratory mood. Some of the volunteers celebrated by visiting a famous Manchester restaurant. Since the founding of CFL there has been a colossal amount of work achieved in a very short period of time.  The group helped break barriers and facilitate the mobility of a volunteer onto international projects. Through this single mobility directly and indirectly nearly two dozen people from the community had an opportunity to participate in subsequent international projects through various avenues. CFL completed the Community Organisers contract they had been delivering funded by the Cabinet Office. The group has been involved in more than thirty social change projects in less than a two year period without any funding from external sources. Though this has proven extremely difficult and strenuous CFL volunteers have worked extremely hard to achieve positive outcomes and impact in their locality and field of expertise.

The eBook entitled Street Interaction Model: A Guide to Engaging British Muslims is available on the link below:


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