CFL Volunteer Links up with Jordanian Counterpart Creating a Masterpiece

photo(11)A CFL volunteer linked up with a Jordanian student Abdelrahman Marar. They both came together to write an article for International Women’s Day. The article was entitled ‘Why environmental groups should be actively pursuing women’s empowerment?’ This short article aimed to discuss and highlight the reasons why environmental groups should be pursuing female empowerment to help create social change and a positive impact on the environment. Women’s voices are often suppressed in societies across the globe. It is important to empower women as they are the economical change makers that are often underestimated and marginalised.

Marar transformed the written article into a large poster and is currently being showcased at the Arab Human Rights Centre in a Lebanese university in the Middle East. Marar said “it was great to collaborate with CFL and some of their volunteers in helping develop this short article. Empowering women in the context of the environment is extremely important as it can lead to positive social change”. CFL are extremely delighted to have undertaken partnership work internationally and promoting knowledge and awareness around women’s empowerment. The article has been transferred into an eBook and can be found on the link below.


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