COrganising Delivery Success

mijan graduation picOur Community Organising contract came to an end this month. After twelve months of delivery we were able to achieve a number of positive results. There were approximately just over 25 projects undertaken this year. There were a number of community members who got involved as volunteers and COrganisers were able to engage community members helping facilitate social change. Two of the Trainee Community Organisers also attended and participated in international projects their mobility’s were facilitated by CFL. Whilst on these international projects our COrganisers had opportunities to pilot aspects of Community Organising in an international context. Mohammed Ullah a Trainee Community Organiser attended the COrganisers graduation event in London, where he received his certificate and officially became a qualified COrganiser. He had the opportunity to speak to Steve Wyler the head of Locality, who are managing the programme funded by the Office of Civil Society. Mohammed undertook over 15 projects during his time as a trainee and was able to reach and exceed his targets. M.Haroon a senior CFL member said ‘it was great to complete the COrganising programme and deliver the contract successfully, some of our trainees produced some excellent work helping empower local communities and we also pioneered innovative work internationally around aspects of COrganising with limited resources.” CFL hope to continue their positive work in economic austere times by working towards lasting social change.

Mohammed Ullah meets Steve Wyler CEO of          Locality

Mohammed Ullah meets Steve Wyler CEO of Locality


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