CFL Completes COrganising Host Contract

Chief Video Editor: Nick M Turner

                 Chief Video Editor:
                  Nick M Turner BA

CFL have over the last twelve months delivered a Community Organising contract which was supported by the Cabinet Office: Office of Civil Society. CFL hosted seconded Trainee Community Organisers. The trainees were able to listen to a number of individuals and garner information around their loves, concerns, visions and project ideas in relation to their communities. The aim of the project was to build trust, respect and relationships with community members at a grassroots level. Alongside this trainees were helping facilitate social change and helping create a platform for community voice. Between them the trainees delivered more than 25 projects and two of them had the opportunity to pilot aspects of COrganising across international boundaries. This was one of the best pieces of work CFL have been able to deliver thus far. CFL were also able to on a personal level create pilots in over five international destinations as part of expanding networks and facilitating the creation of an international COrganising movement and platform. Alongside the projects that were delivered we were able to create a COrganising project video which showcased some of the work that was delivered and we have also set up a You Tube channel which has videos related to our work streams. CFL commissioned Nick M Turner from the West Midlands who assisted us produce, direct and develop a quality video. We are grateful to him for sharing his expertise and editing skills and helping us on our journey for social change. CFL have aspirations to continue their international work and facilitate more opportunities for people who come from economically and socially deprived backgrounds.

CFL New You Tube Channel:


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