CFL Colleagues in Istanbul: For Some Winter Magic

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CFL facilitated the mobility of three individuals to participate in an international adult education project. The project was held in Turkey, Istanbul and was part of a European funded Learnado De Vinci mobility programme for vocational training in the adult lifelong learning sector. Mohammed Mijan Ullah had the opportunity alongside two other volunteers to represent CFL. Mohammed was seconded to CFL as a trainee Community Organiser over a twelve month period. The project was organised and delivered by a West Midlands based organisation. Participants visited Ismek who were the co-ordinators and hosts for the project. The project took place from the 1/8th December, 2013. The UK contingent visited several adult training organisations and facilities. As well as observing they had the chance to ask questions and interact with learners as well as trainers. The host organisation has a reach of 1.4million adult users and has 220 community facilities under its umbrella. This project was useful in helping delegates expand their networks, broaden their horizons and increase their knowledge around vocational training. Mohammed Haroon a CFL member said “we are delighted in helping facilitate opportunities for individuals particularly from economically and socially deprived backgrounds. International opportunities and projects are very useful in increasing awareness and helping practitioners and community members enhance their skill sets”. CFL remain committed to positive social change and community voice.




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