CFL Volunteer in Budapest Euro-Arab Seminar

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A CFL volunteer had the opportunity to participate in a Euro-Arab seminar in Budapest, Hungary. The seminar revolved around co-operation and action for youth democratic participation. This was an important seminar as it allowed European and Arabs to share best practice around a multitude of aspects relating to Human Rights and democracy within a youth context. The seminar included plenary sessions, workshops, simulations, role plays, presentations amongst other active engaging methods. The project was held at the European Youth Centre in Budapest and provided a context of rich architecture and history. Participants joined the seminar from various countries such as Austria, Ireland, Italy, Morocco, Tunisia, Egypt, Jordan etc. Two prior meetings were held in Tunisia and Morocco. Each participant was asked to plan and design a Human Rights project which reflects the community they work in and over a six month period try and facilitate a project locally. The seminar allowed opportunities for networking and sharing best practice. There was an NGO bazaar which took place where participants had an opportunity to showcase their organisations work. One of the main highlights of this particular seminar was when Mr Mignon, President of the Council of Europe Parliamentary Assembly arrived at the centre to hold a dialogue with participants. He was followed by a heavy police and security escort. It was a fantastic opportunity for participants to ask him a range of questions which they felt were important for young people in their respective regions. There was also an opportunity to socialise and visit some of the historic sites in Budapest such as the Buda Castle and taste local cuisine.


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