International ‘Youth Coaching’ Seminar

pic 35 pic 34 pic 36A CFL representative had the opportunity to participate on an international youth coaching training seminar which was hosted by the ASHA Centre. The centre is a charity located in the scenic surroundings in the Forest of Dean. The charity works for the empowerment of young people, sustainable development and peace & reconciliation worldwide. The training seminar revolved around exploring different methods of Youth Coaching through innovative workshops and engagement methods which included ice breakers, energisers, group reflections, individual input, guest speakers and self evaluation amongst other methods. The participants had the opportunity to have a guided walk through the forest which was a magnificent spectre of nature. The peaceful surroundings allowed participants to relax and share life experiences and network in a calm and relaxed environment. Participants also had a free afternoon to visit the local town centre and view historical buildings such as Gloucester Cathedral. Participants came from diverse European countries such as Italy, Croatia, Estonia, Romania and Bulgaria as well as several British participants. The participants on this seminar were able to view firsthand the sustainable food growing strategies the centre implemented and were made aware of the Biodynamic gardens and Bio-bubble sewage system. This project was important in helping develop wider networks and experiencing as well as exploring international perspectives and experiences related to Youth Coaching. The peaceful environment and context allowed participants to reflect thoroughly and engage with their peers and environment positively.



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