CFL Join International NGO Coalition for Peace One Day

Street Listening Peace One Day

Street Listening: Peace One Day

Peace One Day is an international organisation which strives to unite individuals, communities and organisations to recognise how peace in society across the globe can help bring an end to suffering for some people particularly in conflict and post conflict zones. In mid June 2012 the organisation joined Interpeace another organisation which holds central values of peace building globally. This unification helped launch a campaign to officially recognise 21st September, as a day of Peace. On Peace  Day  2012, many NGO’s as well as others undertook a range of activities related to promoting peace and bringing together communities. CFL undertook their own activities to mark this day. Our volunteers undertook their trademark community engagement methods of ‘street listenings’. CFL volunteers listened to young people in Greater Manchester, UK and sought their views and opinions on how to create peace locally i.e. tackling gang violence, gun crime, knife crime as well as globally. The volunteers also went on to run a short ‘Knowledge Exchange’ workshop through meeting youth in the local streets. The workshops revolved around discussions focussing on contemporary issues such as Xenophobia, Anti-Semitism and Islamaphobia. This methodology of engagement is a specific ways of engaging hard to reach and marginalised community members living on the fringes of society. Our work aims to help provide a platform for local people to have their voices heard at a grassroots level. Our work combines aspects of Community Organising and Community Psychology approaches as well as specially tailored methodology developed by CFL members using  SIM (Street Interaction Model).

CFL officially joined the Peace One Day campaign as an NGO which operates at a local and international level. After joining the international coalition of NGO’s having a vision of promoting peace and stability in societies, CFL remain committed to enhance their engagement methods to reach more individuals particularly from economically and socially deprived backgrounds.


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