CFL Participates in International Missing Link Sweden Visit

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Two CFL volunteers had the opportunity to travel to Gothenburg, Sweden. This was a part of the third international Missing Link meeting exploring aspects of disability. The project was hosted by Gothenburg University and besides the UK participants others also travelled from Belgium and Turkey to share best practice and knowledge around issues related to disability. The project was developed and organised by a West Midlands organisation.  There were a number of presentations undertaken and discussions. The project allowed participants to gain a deeper understanding of disabilities in Sweden and the facilities available to local people. The participants also visited various respite care centres and Tjorn Island. Zaheer Hameed a participant on this project said “I am really happy to have attended this international project and it is my first time I have ever done so. This project was a real eye opener and it allowed me to learn a colossal amount relating to disability and the lived experiences of individuals in an international context. I am really motivated to continue working in this field locally and I am actively seeking future opportunities internationally to enhance my personal and professional development”.  CFL are committed to developing international partnerships and expand their work in this sector. CFL also are continuing their work on a local and national level through helping facilitate opportunities for social change and development.    


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