CFL Facilitates Empowerment: Fauzia’s Story

fauzia picCFL helped facilitate an opportunity for Fauzia Noreen to expand her personal and professional development. Fauzia had an opportunity to participate in an international project to Istanbul which was organised by a West Midlands based organisation. The project was around disability in an international context.

“I am currently studying for a MA in Social Studies, the reason I applied for this project was to experience disability in a different culture and environment as it is a big focus area within my degree. I wanted to meet other practitioners within my field and learn about the challenges they face and also experience how a foreign healthcare system cooperates and supports disabled people.

The project was an opportunity to develop interpersonal skills, improve my practice by working with different people from different backgrounds, network, interact with other service groups/users, share best practices, and increase my knowledge base and to work alongside parents of disabled people.

I met people from Belgium, Sweden, Turkey and the United Kingdom. We discussed policies around disability, the challenges within the profession and methods used to tackle issues. I gained invaluable experience especially in working with others and as part of a team. The majority of participants were practitioners and had many years of experience in this field. I used various methods to communicate and conveyed information through a presentation and group workshops.”

Having mentored and facilitated the mobility of Fauzia onto an international project around disability showcases how we are working with other organisations, local people and creating opportunities for people from economically and socially deprived backgrounds. After completing this project Fauzia has developed her career with a wider range of skills as a direct result of having the opportunity to share best practice in an international context. She is now working with BME women with mental health needs and is making a significant impact. CFL remain committed to facilitating and creating positive avenues and the possibility for social change for communities who are underrepresented in society and are marginalised in particular.


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