CFL Begins History and Archaeology Strand

hstry 1Community Focus Ltd members have had a deep interest in archaeology and history for a long period of time. In partnership with one of CFL’s Community Organisers  Mohammed, we have managed to commence a strand of history/heritage and archaeological projects. One of the first projects in this strand involved a group of young people from the Wardleworth area having an opportunity to visit Ball St Gardens. This is also the sight for the Society of Friends (Quakers) burial ground. At this location there is a large information stand which commemorates the life of John Bright (1811-1889) a Quaker born in the North West of England. He was famous for his oratory skills, a prominent figure in the Anti- Corn Law League, an MP for Birmingham amongst other achievements.

hstry 3CFL promote and develop the historical knowledge of young people locally, nationally and internationally. CFL believe history is an important tool in enhancing the skills of community members to learn about the past and increase their participation in developing their own localities and enhancing educational opportunities and knowledge. One of the community members who took part in this project Naeem said “it is really great that this project was set up as it allowed me to learn about people who lived in my town many years ago. Learning about the past and how people impacted society has helped motivate me and inspired me to give back to the local community. I really appreciate history now and I hope to learn more about history and archaeology on a wider scale”. CFL are committed to increasing participation from marginalised groups and increasing knowledge and inspiring people towards success.

hstry 2


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