CFL Developing Projects Working With Marginalised Groups

photo(11) photo(12)Community Focus have recently expanded their work on disability and working with marginalised groups. After participating in an international seminar around issues and aspects of disability in Turkey CFL have gone on to develop a number of positive projects. We have started working with a group of young men who have hearing impairments. CFL helped bring a group of friends together to discuss issues and share food. Some of the young men are profoundly deaf in both ears and said it can be difficult in society to undertake daily tasks. Amair Akhtar said “I am profoundly deaf in both ears and it is hard sometimes to communicate with the wider public as they do not understand our needs. I am extremely grateful for CFL and the projects they are developing to assist people with hearing impairments. I think this can help build confidence and self esteem for many marginalised deaf people”. CFL have always been interested in promoting equality of opportunity and working with excluded, isolated and fringe groups in society. CFL Assistant Director Mohammed Haroon said “we are developing our work around fringe communities and people who have various impairments. We believe that our projects can help excluded people engage with the wider community and help enhance aspirations and self esteem. We have always had a keen interest in working with oppressed and marginalised groups and we will continue to. It is extremely difficult to facilitate and undertake projects with no resources or funding. However our community spirit and determination assists us in helping provide platforms for community members to have their voices heard regardless of wider austerity or lack of resources”. CFL continues to facilitate social change and positivity in grassroots communities.


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