CFL Volunteer Participates In Palestine Study Visit

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A CFL volunteer had the opportunity to participate in a study visit to Palestine from June 20/26th, 2013. The project was entitled ‘Youth in Palestine and the surrounding challenges’. This project was a part of the EuroMed stream of European projects. This was a once in a lifetime opportunity to visit Palestine and participate in seminars, discussions and field trips to observe issues around youth work in an international context across geographical boundaries. The project included presentations from the Higher Council of Youth and Sports which is a Palestinian institution. There were also panels and debates with international charity representatives and Youth/Community groups. There were opportunities to visit refugee camps, youth institutions and sample the local cuisine. There were field visits arranged to places such as Hebron and Jerusalem. Alongside delving and exploring issues related to youth work their were opportunities to visit historical heritage and cultural sites and their were opportunities to discuss future projects, networking and participation in an NGO fair. Participants visited The church of nativity in Bethlehem, The Church of the Sepulchre, The Dome of the Rock, Al Aqsa Mosque etc. Our volunteer helped break barriers and innovate as he is one of the first individuals in the local community to have an opportunity to visit Palestine and experience life and culture in a different context. There were also other participants from countries such as Turkey, France, Belgium, Denmark Latvia, Iceland & Germany amongst other places. There were also opportunities to meet local Palestinian community members and representatives. This was an exceptional project which CFL were extremely honoured and proud to have been involved in.


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