Quality Coaches Workshop

CFL quality coachesIn May, 2013 a senior CFL volunteer had the opportunity to attend a workshop based on ‘Quality Coaching’ techniques. This was a positive training course organised by the British Council. This workshop looked at aspects of the Youth in Action programme and Youth Initiatives. This project transferred knowledge in relation to European focussed projects and funding opportunities under contemporary funding streams. There were approximately fourteen participants that took part in the workshop who travelled from places such as Edinburgh through to London. Assistant Director Mohammed Haroon commented “sometimes people underestimate the value and knowledge that can be gained from attending workshops and training programmes. It is very important for grassroots organisations to participate in these types of training sessions and opportunities as it allows a great deal of information to be gained and a chance to network with other practitioners and organisations in the UK and beyond”. CFL promote opportunities which help advance the education and knowledge of community members and third sector workers.


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