non contact boxing picAssistant Director Mohammed Nadeem recently participated in a one day course. The course was related to non-contact boxing. He passed the course successfully and now is qualified to teach non-contact boxing to community members. There are many issues within local communities. Non-contact boxing we believe can assist to challenge issues such as anti-social behaviour, aggression and anger. Physical exercise has proved to be beneficial for enhancing the health and wellbeing for communities. In contemporary society there has been an increase in obesity and physical inactivity. Non-contact boxing can help keep the heart healthy and challenge community members to become healthier through exercise. This type of activity is also useful in promoting community cohesion and enhancing social skills. Mohammed said “I am really happy after qualifying as a non contact boxing tutor. I have had a lifelong interest in this sport and I have been involved in boxing since the age of 7 and I am highly experienced individual. I believe this type of activity will help young people in particular channel their aggression through more positive avenues”. CFL are committed to assisting grassroots community members in moving towards social change and enhancing their quality of life.


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