Workshop in Peace & Reconciliation

IMG_0258 IMG_0234CFL organised a workshop around peace and reconciliation in the local community. One of our senior volunteers facilitated this workshop. The workshop talked about the experience he had when attending St Ethelburga’s centre for reconciliation and peace in London.  He talked about having the opportunity to learn about facilitating techniques and dialogue. He also commented on exploring conflict and different avenues to deal with this and the power of story sharing. Story sharing is a powerful tool that can be used by community facilitators and professionals to create dialogue within communities. Story telling can help promote community cohesion and bring people from different cultures together.

The training he received while visiting this centre helped him realise the potential we as active community members have in reducing tension, segregation and polarisation in communities and this training will also help in community mediating work. He also developed facilitation skills which will assist him in organising training and workshops. The training allowed him to create positive dialogue which can help unite communities and reduce oppression amongst community members. The workshop helped co-ordinate and train others in creating reconciliation and peace at a grassroots levels.


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