CFL Youth & Community Workshop

Y&C workshop 1photoCommunity Focus organised and facilitated a workshop revolving around An Introduction to Youth & Community. This was a successful workshop where fourteen people attended from as far away as Bradford. The workshop touched on the history of Youth work and how it has developed into a modern effective tool to engage young people. This short course gave the opportunity for young people to express their views, work in teams and present their work back to the wider group after breakout sessions. The workshop was run by Mohammed Sheraz a local youth worker. He said “it was great to see so many young people attending today and taking an interest in developing as practitioners and future community leaders”. One of the participants in her evaluation of the workshop said “I think this short course has given me the knowledge of youth and community. I also feel that I now have more options to community work and working with others. I enjoyed working with new people and brainstorming ideas.”

CF is leading the way in engaging community members and helping them broaden their horizons and enhance their aspirations. Our work is having a positive social impact on the lives of people and we aim to assist community members become active members of society and help facilitate social change.


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