Community Psychology Conference 2012: Community Workshop

barcelona pic 4barcelona pic 2Barcelona pic 1CFL hosted and facilitated a Community Psychology workshop where they invited one of their volunteers to discuss his experiences at the International Community Psychology conference that took place in summer 2012 at the University of Barcelona in Spain. This individual presented his research which was undertaken in the UK around young Kashmiri men and the factors that affect their wellbeing. This was the first time the voices of Kashmiri men had an opportunity to be heard on an international platform. The workshop allowed young people in the local community to hear about the experiences of academic research and the benefits it can bring in regards to highlighting local issues and empowering communities. This workshop was a great success and there were more than 20 community members who listened to the experiences of young Kashmiri men. The research used an ethnographic research model within a qualitative framework. This was a unique project as it is one of the few pieces of academic research which involved people from Kashmiri communities in the UK. Community members also had a chance to hear about Spanish culture and traditions. Alongside the conference our volunteer experienced Catalan culture and the Saint Juan festival. He witnessed the traditional Human Tower exhibitions and Spanish music. We believe promoting these types of opportunities within the local community will help raise aspirations of community members and engage them to strive for success and break the traditional glass ceiling economically and socially deprived communities often face.


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