CFL: Keeping Memories Alive & Story Sharing

Traditional Kashmiri HouseAncient Oak KashmirKaat Story sharing and telling have been incorporated into human history for time memorial. Story sharing and telling helps keep folk traditions, culture and history alive in contemporary society. CFL engaged a group of local community members and spent time sharing stories, pictures, photographs and poems. CFL incorporated visual stimulus techniques to help community members express themselves and share their history with other people from different backgrounds and cultures. One community member shared pictures of traditional life in a Kashmiri village. Management committee member Mohammed Nadeem said “sharing pictures, stories and poems helps bring people together from different backgrounds. This is also useful to enhance wellbeing and health”. CFL believes helping keep memories alive for community members can be useful in promoting positive energy and spreading knowledge.

(A picture of a traditional Kashmiri village house, an ancient oak tree in Kashmir, a traditional Kaat for sitting. These were some of the pictures shared when story telling with the local community)


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