CFL Female Empowerment Volunteer Reports Back From London

lndon workshop 2 lndon workshp 1Amna Abdul the CFL Female Empowerment volunteer had an opportunity to attend a workshop in London last week. The workshop revolved around The Central America Women’s Network (CAWN) organised advocacy training for women interested in campaigning for women’s issues in their office in London, which was part of two training programmes funded by the EU. The programme was covered by the wonderful women who work for the organisation, Merilyn and Virginia, starting with understanding advocacy and campaigning through interactive workshops and discussion, as well as looking at empowerment and the forms power. The guest speaker for the day was a Honduran journalist and activist, Dina Meza who shocked us all by the stories of increased violence against women in Honduras.

The focus of the afternoon, we assessed the campaign cycle and planning on gender violence within the Honduran situation for women and designing in groups a realistic campaign which could support the situation in Honduras. The afternoon ended with a quick look at the work of CAWN and how we could support and learn from them.


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