CFL Anniversary Celebration

anniversary meal steak picCommunity Focus Ltd volunteers, supporters and associates celebrated CFL’s one year anniversary. They were treated to steak and chips at a famous restaurant in Central Bolton, Greater Manchester. CFL has made a colossal impact in the last 12 months working with local communities and facilitating social change. CFL is a not for profit Social Enterprise that was set up by local community members who had been active in Youth & community work for over 15 years. CFL has specialist skills in engaging BME community members in particular and also works with a variety of different people from different backgrounds and cultures. Assistant Director Mohammed Haroon said “it has been a great year so far for our organisation and we have achieved a range of milestones, we have helped promote community empowerment and built relations with local community members. I believe this type of work is very important in economic austere times and can help people develop their goals and knowledge”. CFL’s work will continue and we hope to expand our reach and attract investment in order for us to enhance our objectives and move towards transformative social change.


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