CFL Helps Protect the Environment

CFL river pic 1CFL river pic 2 CFL is passionate about protecting the environment and promoting renewable energy. We believe it is the duty of each individual and society as a whole to take care and look after the planet they occupy. Recently in our local area a stream was polluted by an unknown source. As a community and voluntary organisation we were at the forefront of highlighting this pollution and reported it to the local environmental agency. The stream the week previously was green in colour and when one of our members took a picture of it the week after it was red. We are aware many young people and children walk pass this stream and may potentially be breathing in toxic chemicals. As well as this we are aware that wildlife such as fish and ducks are affected by this type of pollution. It is important for community members to make sure their local areas stay free of pollution and fly tipping. Rubbish and pollution are some of the problems that were recently highlighted at our community consultation event.  We reconfirm our aim of helping fight against the destruction of local wildlife habitats and people who have a negative impact on the environment.


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