CFL & Community Engagement

CFL listening pic april 2013 1cfl listening pic april 2013 2CFL have continued to use innovative community engagement techniques to meet community members and young people. We are interested in finding out what are the main issues people in society currently face. There have been drastic changes to welfare and austerity has continued to bite deep. CFL work with economically and socially deprived community members and have specialist engagement skills particularly with young Muslim men amongst other people from diverse backgrounds and cultures. We have been engaging and helping facilitate empowerment particularly with marginalised and fringe members of society. We take a Community Psychological perspective on issues and align ourselves with oppressed groups in society. Our community engagement work has led us to decipher some of the contemporary issues that are important for local people. Educational and job opportunities are constantly being mentioned by community members. We believe smaller community and voluntary organisations need to be offered opportunities to participate in the delivery of services in grassroots communities. Smaller community and voluntary groups often have strong relationships with people on the ground and an insider status which makes it easier for them to build trust, respect and relationships. Social enterprises are positive and can help tackle the issues modern society faces. Therefore CFL believes that there should be a strong focus on social enterprise incubators and seed investment to boost local economies, create wealth and jobs.


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