Community Focus Ltd Remembers the Holocaust

CFL Holocaust pic 2CFL Holocaust pic 3Some of the management committee members of Community Focus Ltd (CFL) held a minutes silence on Sunday 27th January in memory of the many people who lost their lives during the Holocaust. CFL members visited the Holocaust memorial in Rochdale town centre. Mohammed Haroon Assistant Director of CFL said “it is important to remember the Holocaust and the many people that were killed during this period. We are committed to prompting community cohesion, cultural tolerance and respect. Our organisation is against all forms of discrimination such as Anti-Semitism, Islamaphobia, racism and xenophobia. We work with grassroots community members promoting peace and harmony. ” CFL members felt it was important to highlight Holocaust memorial day within local communities as there are many people who are not aware of what happened during this period. CFL believe education and knowledge are key factors in helping communities develop confidence, aspirations and awareness. Community Focus Ltd has wider interests in world history and heritage and this was one of the projects we focussed on this year.


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