Sustaining Communities

Community sustainability is an issue at the forefront of society. Community Focus Ltd (CFL) believes buying local can have a positive effect on communities. Purchasing local products, luxuries and using services will ensure that wealth remains in the local area. Contemporary society has seen change in systems, institutions and organisations. Government austerity has crippled the spending power of individuals and families.

It is imperative that local people invest their money locally. Community Focus believes local corner shops, grocers and stores can help secure the fight back against declining communities. If businesses in local communities enhance their growth and development they are likely to employ local community members. All sectors in communities must work cohesively to create equilibrium and boost local economies. If people purchase from local businesses, they then will use local suppliers who in turn may source locally. Often these enterprises sponsor local charities and donate towards good causes.

In recent times more community members have set up their own allotments and growing gardens. In an industrial age growing techniques and horticultural skills have been lost. If community members can reignite these skills, it will assist them in growing food locally. Growing food yourself can be enjoyable and a rewarding experience. This can also lead to higher physical activity and an enhancement of mental well being.

The Social Enterprise sector has seen a boost in local communities and the UK. CFL are promoting Social Enterprise as a positive set up within society. We strongly believe this set up can help reduce poverty in economically & socially deprived communities. Social Enterprises can take a range of forms and legal set ups such as private companies limited by guarantee. Social Enterprises can also trade within any sector such as catering, fashion, textiles, Youth & Community and deliver services. The current economy has meant that there are diverse opportunities for third sector organisations to secure contracts, services, tenders and commissioning bids. These opportunities will create jobs and sustainability. Third sector organisations have added value because they often redistribute surplus profits for the benefit of the community. CFL have a strong belief that Social Enterprise and third sector organisations can help make a colossal difference in the agenda of sustaining communities.



Mohammed Nadeem, CFL Secretary




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