CFL Wins Major Contract

IMG_20121203_115338Community Focus Ltd (CFL) has won a contract to deliver the Community Organising programme in Rochdale. CFL is the lead organisation in this project and has partnered up with KYP a grassroots social enterprise. Community Organisers are to be employed by Locality who are managing the programme on a national scale and seconded to CFL. The contract in total value is worth 100k. The purpose of the Community Organising traineeships is to learn to build relationships which enable residents, groups, associations, and businesses in a locality to develop their collective power to act together for the common good, using Root Solution Listening Matters, a dialogue and action-based programme that supports transformational change in individuals, groups, organisations and institutions.

Each Organiser will aim to effectively motivate and mobilise people in neighbourhoods by using Root Solution Listening Matters organising strategy and process to create community-led change. Community Organisers will also have opportunities to achieve a certificate and accreditation at Level 2 or 3 in the Foundations of Community Organising within 26 weeks of the start of the trainee role. During the second 25 weeks, via the Go Deeper options, incorporate other tools and approaches for animating and focusing community action and change. The traineeships will last for 51 weeks and finish in December 2013. CFL are excited by the potential Organisers can achieve in helping facilitate empowerment and voice with local community members.


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