Community Focus in Istanbul

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Date published: 22 October 2012

During October 7 – 14 2012 one of Community Focus Ltd (CFL) members participated in an adult education project in Istanbul, Turkey.

This training visit was a part of the Leonardo De Vinci mobility European programme and was organised by a Birmingham company.

There were fourteen people who took part in this project. This was a once in a life time opportunity that allowed for participants to view workshops, adult and vocational education that was being undertaken in Istanbul municipalities.

There were opportunities to observe a range of classes such as sewing, fashion, English language, disability centres, ship building, jewellery designing and cooking amongst others.

A CFL member viewed the hard work and effort community members undertook to produce high quality pieces and craftsmanship.

Alongside daily visits to education centres there were also excursions undertaken during free time. They visited one of the wonders of the world ‘The Blue Mosque’ and the Galata Tower.

The Galata Tower is one of the oldest and most beautiful monuments in Istanbul. It was constructed in 528 AD during the sovereignty of the Byzantine Emperor Justinianus. It measures 61 metres in height and 140 metres from sea level. Istanbul as a whole can be viewed from the top of this tower.

CFL operates in the Youth & Community sector and is a growing organisation which focuses on making positive contributions to the lives of community members.


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